Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gratitude Journal

I used to keep a daily gratitude journal. I have not been doing that, although I have tried to see the good happening as well as the bad. I have tried to be honest about the amazing blessings I have experienced in my life. There have been so many miracles, and I know I am so blessed.

I woke up feeling rested this morning. (Just like the priesthood blessing said!)
Priesthood blessing, and the truth it spoke to my heart.
Playing the organ.
BJ's home - having a place I can go where I feel safe. I can get a break from some of my confusion.
Things are changing everyday.
Dann loves me.
He makes me laugh. (This got a woot woot from Dann.)
Music - playing the piano speaks to something deep within. It brings out all of the things inside: good, bad, ugly.
Good friends - I have been blessed with friendships that most people only dream of. I know some of the most amazing women on the planet!
The guy that thanked me for the organ music after church.
Bishop Campbell is still trying so hard to understand me and to help me.

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  1. I like the gratitude posts. It's good to know there are still positive things.