Monday, June 22, 2009

The blessing of the giggles

Last night was probably the first night since I have been home from CFC that I have been too giggly to sleep. There were lots of times at CFC that Katie and I would laugh all night long, but since I have been home with Dann... its been a battle with myself every night. Even at the Johnson's home, I never allowed myself to relax enough to get giggly and silly.

It was awesome! (For me... Dann probably wishes I would have been quiet so he could sleep. :)

Then this morning, I WANTED to call friends to go out and do things with them. I told Dann we should set up a party with other couples. Again, I have not felt able to do that in a long time. I felt like I should be more friendly, but I just didn't have anything in me to give to anyone else...

So, we are going to play Bocci ball in the park with a few other couples. I am excited to help Cassie and John get to know other couples in the ward. I am excited to just play.

If this feeling passes, that's okay, because I know it will come again. I want to be friends. I want to get to know new people. I want to talk about normal things again. I want to be with people again...

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  1. I love bocci ball! I'm glad you were feeling better. It will come again.