Saturday, November 7, 2009


I have spent several days this week visiting the wild horses. These horses have been caught by the Bureau of Land Management, because they determined that the herds are too large for the land to support. There are horses of all ages, shapes, sizes, colors. It was amazing to see!

I thought it would be very tense and upsetting to be around wild horses in captivity. (Similar to the yucky feeling I get at zoos.) It was not that way. Instead, it was... peaceful.

There is one horse that has come up to me and nuzzled me every time I have gone to see him. There are a few others who have been curious, but only the little black two year old has come back every time. I named him Seguro, which means safe haven. He felt safe to me.

All horses give me a sense of safety and healing. It is one of the reasons I love them so much!

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  1. That sounds really fun. I didn't know you could visit wild horses but it sounds really cool.