Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Serendipities of treatment

Last week, a friend came to visit me at work. I am often in the office alone, but on that day BJ was there. He says he was trying not to listen to our conversation, but... What he heard, he was amazed at how healthy our conversation was.

That got me thinking about the friends I have. We are not the most healthy people, but when we talk to each other... We are good at validating each other without enabling each other. We talk about anything and everything - abuse, crazy thoughts, silly things, funny stories... life. I don't have any secrets from them. (That doesn't mean I share EVERYTHING with them at EVERY MOMENT, but there is nothing I am intentionally hiding.) That feels good.

I don't feel like I have to take care of them or protect them, and I care deeply about them. I would do almost anything for them, and if at any moment it feels harmful to me to talk to them, I don't. And I know they'll understand. I hope they feel the same about me.

We are watching out for each other in a way I have never experienced before... I don't feel judged, but when I do, I talk to them about it. We can laugh. We can cry (sort of... lol). I can be ME - whoever that is - when I am with them.

Do you know how cool that is?? How many people have one friend like that? I have many.


  1. man do I love you lots.... and in regards to this post, you know why...

  2. That's awesome. I really don't have tons of friends like that. I do have a few but it's awesome that you have many.