Friday, February 13, 2009

Things I love about my husband

He is trying very hard to support me. He has allowed me to go stay at the Johnson's home, go to therapy, and do whatever I feel is best for myself.
He goes to work everyday. I know its hard, and he doesn't like it, but he goes.
He doesn't push me to do things I am not ready for: going to church, sex, work, etc.
He doesn't try to control what I do, or who I spend time with. He likes me to have my friends, my hobbies, and doesn't get jealous of the things I love away from him.
He makes me laugh!
He tells me he loves me many times everyday.
He doesn't complain that he currently has a sex-less marriage.
He wants to do the right thing. He has so much good in him.
He is a huge help around the house. He does dishes, laundry, cleans, and never thinks of the house as "my" responsibility. It is ours.
He prays and reads the scriptures with me everyday.
He cares about my friends. He cares about my family.
He tells me I am beautiful and amazing all the time.
He is a good friend to others. He serves people around him.
He is a good teacher.
He wants to be a dad. He wants to raise a family. He wants his future family to be better than his past family.
He has big dreams.

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  1. I like Dann too. (Am I allowed to say his name or is that supposed to be secret? If it's supposed to be secret you can delete this comment.) He's grown a lot over the years and he has really cared about you. He's become a part of our family that I will miss. I'm really glad that the two of you will remain friends. I hope that both of you will be able to find greater happiness as you go your separate ways.